My parent has Alzheimer's Disease – Am I going to get it too?

Gary Figiel, MDBy Gary Figiel, MD
Southeastern Geriatric Healthcare Group
Atlanta, Georgia

Member of the national ElderCare Matters Alliance,
Georgia chapter

This is the second most asked question from a patient’s loved one: “Am I going to get it too?” 

The most frequently asked question is: “What is the difference between Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Dementia?” (more…)

The Reverse Mortgage: Some Seniors Can’t Stay Home Without It

Robert M. Bregitzer, CPABy Robert M. Bregitzer, CPA
Southeast Mortgage
Dunwoody, Georgia

Member of the national ElderCare Matters Alliance,
Georgia chapter

When Mildred Austin inquired about a reverse mortgage, she did not know much about them. “All I knew was that this could help me; I needed someone to explain it to me”. After talking with a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Counselor, meeting with a reverse mortgage specialist, and discussing the options with her advisors, she decided that a reverse mortgage was her best option. “I was able to make needed repairs to my house, pay-off my existing mortgage loan and several medical bills and obtain a monthly check to supplement my social security. This loan has been a blessing.”


Experts Agree: Plan Now for Future ElderCare Needs

Phillip G. Sanders, MBA, MSHA, CPABy Phillip G. Sanders, MBA, MSHA, CPA
Georgia ElderCare Advisors, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

Member of the national ElderCare Matters Alliance,
Georgia chapter

During the last several years, I have had the honor to address my colleagues at the AICPA’s (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) National ElderCare conference in Phoenix, and to serve as a panelist at the day-long nationally televised symposium for ElderCare professionals in Dallas.  The overriding message I heard from fellow CPAs and attorneys was the importance of setting into place NOW a long-term care plan — a plan that details how you will finance your and your family’s future ElderCare needs.


Overspending is more than simply spending your children's inheritance

Philip C. Benedict, CFPBy Philip C. Benedict, CFP
Benedict Financial Advisors, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Member of the national ElderCare Matters Alliance,
Georgia chapter

Raymond and Sally are what almost everyone wants to look like and act like when they pass their 80th birthday.

Sally still volunteers at the local elementary school and Ray is a landmark at the local golf club. They seem to have everything – good health, a fine daughter and son-in-law and three adorable grandchildren. Their lifestyle, while not extravagant, could not be considered modest either. (more…)

When is assisted living the right choice?

Elmcroft of RoswellBy Michelle Ettenger
Elmcroft of Roswell
Roswell, Georgia

Member of the national ElderCare Matters Alliance, Georgia chapter

Not too long ago, families had few choices for senior housing. If an elderly person was unable to manage in their own home or could not be cared for by his family, then the nursing home for the infirm and the most frail was the only housing option available.

Today, it is quite different. (more…)

Get marketing know-how when you're downsizing

Lane Tharp, SRES, CSABy Lane Tharp, SRES, CSA
Coldwell Banker
Atlanta, Georgia

Member of the national ElderCare Matters Alliance,
Georgia chapter

It is exciting to move to a more manageable home after years of maintaining a large home and yard. The choices for downsizing are much greater now than ever before.

Downsizing may involve moving to a smaller home, a ranch condominium, or even a larger home on a smaller lot. It may also involve changing your community from a single-family home in an established neighborhood to an apartment home, a golf or lake community, a retirement community, or an assisted living facility.

The savvy home seller will want to approach this transition with a plan so that the move goes as smoothly as possible. (more…)

Caveat emptor – Stockbroker fraud

J. Michael Bishop, JDBy J. Michael Bishop, JD
Smiley Bishop & Porter, LLP
Atlanta, Georgia

Member of the national ElderCare Matters Alliance,
Georgia chapter

Six months have passed since Betty’s husband Joe died. Betty always let Joe handle the money matters. He had always been a savvy investor, but in the last several years, it had become obvious that Joe really was not on top of his game.

Now, Betty asked her daughter Sarah to help her look through the couple’s financial papers. Things are a mess. There are piles of unopened envelopes from brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and banks. As Sarah opens the statements, she becomes distressed because the brokerage accounts have suffered some significant losses due to a downturn in the stock market or is something else wrong? How can she tell? (more…)

INVESTING: Avoiding Long-Term as well as Short-Term Risk

Jeff Bernier, CFP, ChFC, CFSBy Jeff Bernier, CFP, ChFC, CFS
TandemGrowth Financial Advisors, LLC
Roswell, Georgia

Member of the national ElderCare Matters Alliance,
Georgia chapter

When was the last time you talked with an investment professional who didn’t promote diversification? Stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, some international as well as domestic investments–it’s called asset class diversification and it’s a principle of sound investing.



Charles J. Hampton, Esq.By Charles J. Hampton, Esq.
Charles J. Hampton, PC
Atlanta, Georgia

Member of the national ElderCare Matters Alliance,
Georgia chapter

You might have already gotten the pitch: Come for a free dinner and learn how to avoid probate. The sale is typically a living or revocable trust — transfer your assets now so when you die they will be distributed as you wish without having to pass through the probate court.


Women Often Fail to Plan for End of Life Decisions


Debra A. Robinson, JDBy Debra A. Robinson, JD
Robinson & Miller, PC
Alpharetta, Georgia

Member of the national ElderCare Matters Alliance,
Georgia chapter

Women, may we have your attention?

Women are so busy caring for others, they often forget to take care of themselves.

As a result, many women fail to properly plan for the distribution of their assets at death and fail to make their health care decisions in the event of incapacity. (more…)

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