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Families across America now have an online source they can tap into to find experts who can help them with a wide range of elder care matters…  


ElderCareMatters.com, along with the 1,375+ members of the national ElderCare Matters Alliance, provides families with the elder care resources they need to plan for and deal with their issues of aging.  In fact, here is where you will locate, by state, some of America’s top elder care professionals who provide a total of 68 different elder care services that will help you plan for and deal with your family’s issues of aging, including:

  1. Advance Medical Directives
  2. Aging In Place Services
  3. Alzheimer’s / Memory Care Communities
  4. Annuities 
  5. Arbitration 
  6. Asset Protection Planning
  7. Assisted Living Communities 
  8. Assisted Living Referral Services
  9. Bankruptcy
  10. Caregiving Education 
  11. Consumer Law
  12. Continuing Care Retirement Communiities
  13. Crisis Intervention
  14. Daily Money Management / Bill Paying
  15. Disability Income Insurance
  16. Elder Abuse Litigation Services
  17. Elder Law
  18. ElderCare Planning / Long-Term Care Planning
  19. Estate Administration
  20. Estate Liquidation
  21. Estate Planning
  22. Financial Planning
  23. Geriatric Care Management
  24. Guardianship / Conservatorship
  25. Health Insurance
  26. Hoarding Clean Up and Coaching Services
  27. Home Care
  28. Home Downsizing Services
  29. Home Health Care
  30. Home Modifications
  31. Hospice Care
  32. Independent Living Communities
  33. Investment Services
  34. Life Care Planning
  35. Life Insurance
  36. Litigation
  37. Long-Term Care Insurance
  38. Medicaid / Disability Planning
  39. Medical / Healthcare
  40. Medical Alert Systems
  41. Medical Claims Processing
  42. Medical Equipment & Supplies
  43. Medicare Consulting
  44. Medicare Supplemental Insurance
  45. Medication Therapy Management
  46. Moving / Relocation Services
  47. Personal Finance / Accounting / Tax Preparation
  48. Powers of Attorney
  49. Probate
  50. Public / Non-Profit Resources
  51. Real Estate Services
  52. Rehabilitation Services
  53. Residential Psychiatric Care
  54. Respite Care
  55. Retirement Planning
  56. Reverse Mortgages
  57. Securities Arbitration & Litigation Services
  58. Senior Move Management
  59. Senior Move Planning
  60. Social Security Disability Services
  61. Special Needs Planning
  62. Tax Law
  63. Tax Planning
  64. Transportation Services
  65. Trustee / Fiduciary Services
  66. Trusts
  67. VA Benefits
  68. Wills  
If you and your family need help with your elder care matters, this is where you will find competent, caring elder care experts located near you who provide a total of 68 different services that will help you plan for and deal with your family’s issues of aging.  Whether you are looking for:

  • an elder law attorney in Philadelphia
  • a geriatric care manager in South Florida
  • a long-term care insurance professional in Fort Worth,
  • a home care provider in Southern California, or
  • an assisted living community in Phoenix (as shown in the photo above)…

you can count on www.ElderCareMatters.com to help you find the Elder Care Experts and services that you will need in ALL 50 states (plus the District of Columbia).

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